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January 2018: WINART AWM special session at the 2018 Joint Math Meetings  (search for “AWM”)

Organized by Anne Shepler and Sarah Witherspoon


July 2017: Kirkman & Lorenz: Algebra Extravaganza: conference in honor of Ellen Kirkman and Martin Lorenz

Organized by Vasily Dolgushev*, Ed Letzter, Frank Moore, Chelsea Walton*, James Zhang


June 2017: New trends in representation theory: the impact of cluster theory on representation theory

Organized by Karin Baur, Sibylle Schroll, and Nick Woodhouse


April 2017: WINART special session at the 2017 AWM Symposium

Organized by Susan Montgomery and Maria Vega*


January 2017: New Developments in Noncommutative Algebra & Representation Theory special session at the 2017 Joint Math Meetings

Organized by Ellen Kirkman* and Chelsea Walton


June 2016: Young Women in Representation Theory

Organized by Joanna Meinel, Charlotte Ricke, and Catharina Stroppel


March 2016: 2016 WINART workshop at Banff

Organized by Georgia Benkart, Ellen Kirkman, Susan Montgomery, and Chelsea Walton*



Research Collaboration Conferences for Women (RCCW)

Women in Numbers (WIN)

AWM Research Conferences

Graduate Student conference in Algebra, Geometry, and Topology

Underrepresented Students in Algebra and Topology