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Martina Balagovic Lecturer Newcastle University, UK
quantum groups, quantum affine algebras, Kac-Moody algebras, double affine Hecke algebras, quantum symmetric pairs
Asilata Bapat Postdoc University of Georgia representation theory, topology of algebraic varieties
Karin Baur Full Prof University of Graz cluster algebras, cluster categories, categorification of representations, orbit structures
Georgia Benkart Full Prof University of Wisconsin, Madison centralizer (diagram) algebras, modular Lie algebras, combinatorics of Lie algebra representations, graded superalgebras, quantum groups
Frauke Bleher Full Prof University of Iowa
representation theory of groups and of finite dimensional algebras with applications to number theory and arithmetic geometry
Magdalena Boos Postdoc Ruhr-Universität Bochum
quivers, finite-dimensional algebras, Auslander-Reiten theory, group actions
Ilke Canakci Postdoc Durham University, UK
Cluster algebras, (Grassmannian) cluster categories, Jacobian algebras and frieze patterns
Vyjayanthi Chari Full Prof University of California, Riverside
affine Lie algebras, quantum affine algebras, quantum groups
Man Wai (Mandy) Cheung Postdoc Harvard University
cluster algebra, quiver representations, cluster categories, algebraic geometry
Emily Cliff Postdoc University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
geometric representation theory, chiral and factorization algebras, factorization spaces
Zajj Daugherty Asst Prof The City College of New York
combinatorial representation theory, diagram algebras, Schur-Weyl duality
Melissa DiMarco Lecturer SUNY Brockport homological algebra, representation theory of finite dimensional k-algebras
Galyna Dobrovolska Postdoc Columbia University/Max-Planck Institute (coming soon) representation theory, algebraic geometry, geometric representation theory, cluster algebras
İlknur Eğilmez Grad Student University of Southern California (coming soon) categorification, quantum groups, knot theory
Melisa Gisselle Escañuela González Grad Student FaMAF-Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and FCEyT-Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero (coming soon) Hopf algebras, fusion and modular categories and their representation theory
Eleonore Faber Postdoc University of Michigan (noncommutative) algebraic geometry, Cohen Macaulay representation theory, singularity theory
Bojana Femic Profesor Adjunto Universidad de la República (Uruguay)
Hopf algebras, braided monoidal categories, finite tensor categories and their representation categories
Jessica Fintzen Postdoc Institute for Advanced Study (on leave from University of Michigan and University of Cambridge)
representation theory, number theory, p-adic groups
Sian Fryer Postdoc UC Santa Barbara quantum algebras, H-primes, Grassmannians and total nonnegativity
Francesca Gandini Grad Student University of Michigan invariant theory, representation theory, combinatorial representation theory, combinatorial and computational commutative algebra
Nora Ganter Senior Lecturer University of Melbourne
elliptic cohomology, categorical characters, moonshine
Sira Gratz Lecturer University of Glasgow cluster algebras and categories, representation theory of algebras, triangulated categories
Lorna Gregory Postdoc University of Manchester
model theory of modules, Ziegler spectra, representation theory, ordered fields
Emily Gunawan Grad Student University of Minnesota
algebraic combinatorics, cluster algebras
Iva Halacheva Grad Student University of Toronto
quantum algebra, combinatorial and
geometric representation theory, knot theory, low-dimensional topology
Pamela Harris Asst Prof TT Williams College algebraic combinatorics, combinatorial representation theory, representation theory of classical Lie algebras
Johanna Hennig Postdoc University of Alberta (coming soon) infinite dimensional Lie algebras and superalgebras, locally finite dimensional Lie algebras
Dolors Herbera Assoc Prof Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
ring and module theory, homological algebra, category theory, direct sum decompositions of modules, division rings
Crystal Hoyt Senior Lecturer ORT Braude College, Israel
algebraic and combinatorial representation theory, Lie superalgebras
Mee Seong Im Asst Prof NTT United States Military Academy
geometric constructions, categorification, quiver Hecke algebras, Grothendieck-Springer resolutions, integrable systems
Andrea Jedwab Lecturer St Mary’s College Hopf algebras and representation theory
Tina Kanstrup Postdoc Hausdorff Center for Mathematics
representation theory, algebraic geometry, categorification
Gizem Karaali Assoc Prof Pomona College representations of Lie superalgebras, (combinatorial or quasitriangular) Hopf algebras, supercharacters
Camelia Karimianpour Postdoc University of Michigan
representation theory, p-adic groups
Rinat Kedem Full Prof University of Illinois
Combinatorial representation theory, affine Lie algebras, integrable models in statistical mechanics, cluster algebras
Ellen Kirkman Full Prof Wake Forest University group and Hopf algebra actions on noncommutative algebras, Artin-Schelter regular algebras, noncommutative invariant theory
Maitreyee Kulkarni Grad student Louisiana State University
cluster algebras and their categorifications, quivers with potentials, representations of quivers, quiver varieties
Lisa Lamberti Postdoc University of Michigan
interplay of quantum groups, representation theory, combinatorics and cluster algebras
Jiang-Hua Lu Full Prof University of Hong Kong symplectic and Poisson geometry, especially in connections between Poisson geometry and Lie theory
Sinéad Lyle Senior Lecturer University of East Anglia (UK)
representation theory, symmetric groups, hecke algebras, cyclotomic KLR algebras
Eilidh McKemmie Grad student University of Southern California
group theory
Kelly McKinnie Assoc Prof University of Montana
finite dimensional division algebras, the Brauer group, valuation theory, quadratic forms, higher cohomology
Elizabeth Milićević Asst Prof Haverford College
Grassmannians, flag varieties, quantum cohomology, affine Weyl group, Hecke algebras
Anne Moreau Full Prof University of Lille
Representation theory, geometry of nilpotent orbits, vertex algebras and W-algebras
Anuradha Ahuja Nebhani Postdoc TIFR Mumbai, India (coming soon) invariant theory, diagram algebras, representation theory
Monica Nevins Full Prof University of Ottawa
representation theory, p-adic groups, nilpotent orbits, cryptography
Van C. Nguyen Postdoc Northeastern University homological algebra, Hopf algebras, representation theory of finite dimensional algebras
Emily Norton Postdoc Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
rational Cherednik algebras, symplectic reflection algebras, Category O
Rosa Orellana Full Prof Dartmouth College
algebraic combinatorics, representation theory, centralizer (diagram) algebras, combinatorial algebras
Alison Parker Assoc Prof University of Leeds
representation theory, diagram algebras, Schur algebras, cohomology, algebraic groups
Rebecca Patrias Postdoc Laboratoire de combinatoire et d’informatique mathématique de l’UQAM (Montreal, Quebec) (coming soon) algebraic combinatorics, combinatorial and K-theoretic Hopf algebras, diagram algebras
Claudia Pérez Grad Student Autonomous University of the State of Morelos (UAEM) representation theory of finite dimensional algebras,
cluster algebras
Emily Peters Asst Prof Loyola University, Chicago
subfactors, fusion categories, planar algebras and other diagrammatic algebras
Julia Yael Plavnik Postdoc Texas A&M University
Hopf algebras, fusion and modular Categories and their representation theory (module categories)
Maria Julia Redondo Full Prof Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina
representation theory of finite dimensional algebras, Hochschild cohomology, Gerstenhaber algebras
Shifra Reif Postdoc/ then Fac Bar Ilan University (Aug-Sep 2015) then ORT-Braude College, Israel
representation theory of Lie superalgebras, applying combinatorial methods to Lie superalgebras
Laura Rider Postdoc MIT
geometric representation theory, Springer correspondence, geometric Satake
Beth Romano Postdoc University of Cambridge
representations of reductive groups, the local Langlands correspondence, arithmetic invariant theory
Anna Romanova Grad Student University of Utah
representation theory of Lie algebras, Whittaker modules, geometric
representation theory, D-modules
Ana Ros Camacho Postdoc Universiteit Utrecht (The Netherlands)
matrix factorizations, (representations of) vertex (operator) algebras, Landau-Ginzburg models, conformal and topological field theory
Fiorela Rossi Bertone Postdoc FaMAF-Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
quantum groups, Hopf algebras, Nichols algebras, representation theory
Natasha Rozhkovskaya Assoc Prof Kansas State University
representation theory, quantum groups, affine Lie algebras, quantum integrable systems,
vertex algebras, combinatorics
Lauren Ruth Grad Student University of California, Riverside
von Neumann algebras, representations of reductive groups, automorphic forms
Maria Sabitova Asst Prof CUNY Queens College
representation theory, algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry
Sarah K. Salmon Grad Student University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder)
coxeter groups, diagram algebras, nil Temperley–Lieb algebras
Laura Schaposnik Asst Prof University of Illinois at Chicago
representation theory in relation with Higgs bundles and mathematical physics
Anne Schilling Full Prof UC Davis
representation theory, algebraic combinatorics, crystals, probability,
mathematical physics
Sibylle Schroll Full Prof University of Leicester, UK
representation theory of algebras, homological algebra, cohomology theories, combinatorics
Khrystyna Serhiyenko Postdoc University of California, Berkeley (coming soon) representation theory of algebras, cluster categories, cluster algebras, combinatorics
Anne V. Shepler Assoc Prof University of North Texas
deformations, Hochschild cohomology, reflection groups,
modular invariant theory
Andrea Solotar Full Prof and Principal researcher Universidad de Buenos Aires and CONICET
homological algebra, Hopf algebras,
representation theory of algebras, Hochschild cohomology
Shannon Talbott Asst Prof Moravian College
representation theory, finite dimensional algebras, quiver algebras
Charlotte Ure Grad Student Michigan State University
essential and canonical dimension, Brauer group of schemes
Michaela Vancliff Full Prof University of Texas at Arlington
Artin-Schelter regular algebras, non-commutative algebraic geometry, Poisson geometry
Lia Vas Full Prof University of the Sciences
noncommutative algebra and ring theory:
rings of operators, Leavitt path algebras, clean rings, rings of
quotients, Baer *-rings
Monica Vazirani Full Prof University of California, Davis representation theory, combinatorics, crystals, parking functions, Hecke, Cherednik, & KLR algebras
Padmini Veerapen Asst Prof Tennessee Tech University AS-regular quadratic algebras, graded skew Clifford algebras, rank on noncommutative quadratic forms, point modules
Maria D. Vega Asst Prof NTT United States Military Academy (coming soon) Hopf algebras, representation theory
Andrea Vera Asst Prof Universidad Austral de Chile representation theory, finite groups of Lie type, classical groups over local ring
Chelsea Walton Asst Prof Temple University
Hopf algebra actions, noncommutative algebraic geometry, noncommutative invariant theory, quantum groups
Elizabeth Wicks Grad Student University of Washington
quivers, derived categories, homological mirror symmetry, mathematical physics
Sarah Witherspoon Full Prof Texas A&M University
homological algebra, representations of Hopf algebras and quantum groups, deformations